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For Art’s Sake

Happy Spring! We've been exploring different art materials subject matter and art techniques. Along with that, we've been fine- tuning our art skills.

K/1 artists created the Dr. Suess' "Cat In The Hat" character to help celebrate Read Across Newfound Week. We also made beautiful heart-shaped clay mini bowls. We used brilliant gold and silver paint to add some "glitz" to our clay creations just before they were glazed. WOW! Recently, we created loons and used our knowledge of patterns. Spectacular art done by all!

2nd grade artists have been experimenting with turning 2D shapes into 3D ones. With that knowledge, we are currently creating 3D Picturing Writing of springtime sugar houses. Picturing Writing is a method in which students draw a visual of a person, place, or thing. When it is completed, we reflect on it and write about it. In our case, we are drawing/painting a New England sugar house, complete with thoughtful details. Next, we will write a haiku (Japanese form of poetry) on springtime and the maple sugaring scene. They're fabulous!

3/4 grade artists are drawing plans for their own monster truck design. The concept of perspective drawing has played a large role in this art project. By turning shapes like circles, triangles, squares, & rectangles into their 3D counterparts (sphere, cones, pyramids, cubes), these master designs are evolving. Eventually, we are building a 3D version of these. Currently, our clay pots are on the drying rack. They will be glazed when ready. Can't wait to see how our artists add color to make them shine!

5th grade artists are in the process of creating 3D fiddles. Yes! Fiddles! They will be bas-relief sculpture pieces that stand off the wall when hung. Each one will have its own personal touch of art when we finish. Bas-relief art are not free-standing but attached to a base that is hung in a vertical position. We are also finishing a project called "Bad Hair Day." It depicts person with a wild hairdo that reflects the individual style of each artist. This lesson is filled with lines, shapes and patterns! We will continue using different materials and more experimenting will follow!