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Physical Education with Mrs. Frost

PE classes gradually moved outside as snow melted and rain held off. Weather made it difficult on many days with the onset of Spring. Once outside, students are reminded of kickball rules, strategies, sportsmanship, and skills. Kickball is a popular recess activity for all grade levels, so it is important to review and emphasize important elements of the game.

Elements of kicking were taught in PE classes. Students practiced kicking with the inside of the foot, kicking for distance, kicking at targets, and passing with their peers. Underhand rolling and underhand throwing skills were included in PE lessons. This emphasis helped with kickball pitching and wiffleball pitching. Students practiced underhand throwing in many station activities.

PE classes then shifted to striking with a long-handled implement – batting. Younger grade levels practice striking a ball off a cone or T. And the older grade levels worked on striking at the underhand pitched ball or off a T. We included proper base running in the games as well.

We are now gearing for Field Day at the end of the school year on June 14th. Some of the Field Day activities are now introduced to the students. Please remember that children will need sneakers, cool and comfortable clothing, water bottles, sunscreen, possibly hats and a FUN attitude for Field Day! We look forward to seeing parents and anyone who wants to come and help have fun. Thanks for a FUN year in Physical Education!!!