Music Mondays with Mr. Brown

As the school year rolls along, music class has been in full swing. We have been working hard learning about and internalizing patterns to deepen our understanding of music. These patterns are either rhythmic and determine when the notes of a pattern are played, or melodic which are what notes are played. Rhythmic patterns are organized around the beat of a song, which is the steady pulse you may find your toes tapping to. The beat can be divided and organized in all types of interesting ways to make a song unique. Melodic patterns are organized traditionally using solfege, the do, re, and mi notes popularized by "The Sound of Music." These notes are a valuable learning tool that musicians have used since the 11th century! We have been using these tools to help learn songs and make our own up too. I am excited to demonstrate our work during the upcoming concert, which will be May 15th. I hope to see you then! DES Rocks!