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Fantastic 3rd & 4th Grade

Happy Spring from 3rd and 4th, although Mother Nature may not agree! We have been working very hard during this term. In math, both grades have been exploring fractions and decimals. In 4th grade, we’re learning about converting fractions into decimals, and how to turn improper fractions into mixed numbers. Please have your students show you this at home. In 3rd grade, students have been comparing fractions with alike denominators and numerators.

In reading, we are just starting our 5th Unit! The 4th grade theme in this unit is Adventures by Land, Air, and Water. We are learning about homophones and homographs, as well as author’s purpose (PIE, Persuade, Inform, and entertain). In third grade, our vocabulary strategy is using context clues and our comprehension skill is compare and contrast. We just completed our third book project, Dioramas, and really enjoyed the presentations. For our April presentation, our next project will be really exciting! Details will be sent home today. Please be sure your child is reading nightly to prepare for this. They will be due May 3rd.

In Social Studies, we started the American Revolution unit. We have been having wonderful conversations about Patriots and Loyalists and how far our country has come.
  • Be sure to send return the slip for Parent/Teacher Conferences scheduled on Friday, April 14th.
  • Reading nightly for a minimum of 20 minutes. Not all Reading Logs have been coming in on Fridays.
  •  Study math facts nightly, automaticity in 6’s was today! Our Multiplication Challenge is going great.