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Fantastic 3rd & 4th Grade

As we wrap up all of our middle of the year assessments, our third and fourth graders are feeling very proud of their accomplishments. How far they’ve come since September! They have started to LOVE our new math program and have grasped the growth mindset that is needed when facing new challenges. The third grade is beginning Module 4 (Multiplication and Area). The fourth grade is halfway through Module 3 (Division). Students have been using different acronyms in math. If you hear them talking about their DARE partner, this means Discuss, Agree, Record, Edit. If you hear the term SMER, this means Sentence, Model, Equation, Recheck.

Reading has been a major focus throughout the year, but this week we’ve really stepped it up. Read Across Newfound was great fun for all and reminded them the importance of reading each and every day. During our read aloud, I vary from having them visualize the story with their eyes closed to having them follow the words with me as I read (we have a document camera that magnifies the book). Holes is our story this month and they beg me to keep reading at the end of every chapter. I love this great desire for reading and my hope is that students will adopt healthy reading habits that will let them foster their love of reading. Ask your student about our Reading Rockstar chart we just implemented schoolwide.

In Science, both grades are studying the Human Body. They have been learning the scientific names for bones and how they work. Ask them what their phalanges are! Last week, they had the chance to dissect an owl pellet to search for bones from small creatures. The class did a phenomenal job making predictions, working with lab partners, and completing their lab reports. It was so much fun!

Book Projects wrapped up this week. Ten Items in a bag is one of my favorites. They were fantastic! The March project will be sent home before break. Please encourage your student to read their new book over break.

Have a great February vacation! My wishes for my third and Fourth graders: Rest, Read and Play Outside!