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5th Grade

We are in the home stretch. What a wonderful year it has been in fifth grade! Last week the students served as helpers during the school wide Career Day, helping presenters set up, younger students find their class, etc. Students rotated through stations that included a lawyer, nurse, musician, kite flyer, and chef.

In math this week, we wrapped up our fraction unit, multiplying and dividing fractions and whole numbers. Our last unit is on geometry. Students enjoyed learning to use dot paper to draw various figures. They will extend their understanding of area and volume by working with complex figures and using fractional lengths.

We also wrapped up our study on the American Revolution. Using information texts and articles, plays, videos, and presentations, students learned what led to the Revolution and important events throughout. We also started an historical fiction read aloud, George Washington’s Socks, about the battle at Trenton.

In ELA we read stories of unexpected events, both real (The Hindenburg) and fictional (King Midas). Fluency and comprehension skills continue to be a focus while looking at text structure and vocabulary. To practice writing conventions, students wrote their own mysteries, including clues for the reader and maybe even a red herring.

Students have received their last book, Crash, to read each night. A book project is due June 21st, but may be completed sooner. Enjoy these last few weeks!