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Second Grade Stars

It is good to be back in 2nd grade. The kids have been working hard on their transition from Mrs. B who did a wonderful job! Even though it has only been 3 weeks, we have been busy.
We have been working on listening to all directions without interrupting the teachers or other students. This has been a challenge since everyone has so much to say, but we are definitely improving! Because of this hard work, we have started a Picturing Writing project where everyone has painted three pictures of an animal, researched facts about their animal, and will move onto writing an acrostic poem. I can't wait to see these books put together and hear the class present!

In math, we have moved to smaller groups to get the most out of our math block as possible. Each day, the kids move in groups of 4 through three stations. One station is with me where we go over the main lesson of the day. The second station is where they complete the application problem with their group. The third station is an internet based program called Zearn which is linked to Eureka math to give them extra practice and learn various strategies when solving a problem.

When we come back to school in January, I will give each student a poem to memorize for Prize Speaking! The poems get longer each grade, and will require more practice to memorize. We will also be looking for expression when reading their poems. The students will have time each day to practice in school, but it is also important and helpful to practice the poem at home as well!