Read the cast list more than once - your name may be on there multiple times!

If your name is missing, THIS IS AN OVERSIGHT! Please let us know!

If you are NOT accepting your role, please contact Stephanie Wiencek BEFORE MONDAY.

All Elementary Students are Fairytale Creatures - which creature will be determined at rehearsals.

All dancers who have attended tap classes are Rat Tappers.

Shrek - Elias RedCloud

Fiona - Becky Norton

Lord Farquaad - Howard Deuso

Donkey - Chris Churas

Dragon - Deb Bouley


Young Fiona - Mae Niederhauser

Teen Fiona - Kathleen Parkhurst

Young Shrek - tba

Mama Ogre - Deanna Martin

Papa Ogre - Nick Panaggio

King Harold - Mason Martin

Queen Lillian - Makayla Pixley


Pinocchio - Jennifer Schaffner

Big Bad Wolf - Ethan Pruett

3 Little Pigs - Josh MacLean, Mason Martin, Nick Panaggio

White Rabbit - Carter Davis

Fairy Godmother - Molly Croxon

Peter Pan - Lilly Colby

Ugly Duckling - Madison Martin

Sugar Plum Fairy - Mackenzie Jollie

Wicked Witch - Lisa Kato

Mama Bear - Deanna Martin

Papa Bear - Sean Holden

Baby Bear - Iliana Pike

Mad Hatter - Trinity Taylor

Humpty Dumpty - Kelly Niederhauser

Elf - Lily Karkheck

Other Fairytale Creatures - Emma Colby, Emma Caldwell, Leah Deuso, Soraya Glidden, Emily Huckins, Paige Fischer, Sophia Jean, Alexis Moore, Makayla Pixley, Sam Sanborn, Michelle Sharp, Christa Walker, All Elementary School Students


Gingy - Mackenzie Jollie

Pied Piper - Duncan Farmer

3 Blind Mice - Jennifer Schaffner, Emily Moulton, Kelly Niederhauser

Knights - Duncan Farmer, Mason Martin, Josh MacLean, Nick Panaggio


Captain of the Guard - Nick Panaggio

Thelonius - Dan Holton

Fairytale Guard - Duncan Farmer

Other Guards - Sam Sanborn, tbd


Duloc Greeter - Shaunnaci Sanborn

Duloc Dancers - Lilly Colby, Molly Croxon, Carter Davis, Leah Deuso, Cathy Hubble, Paige Fischer, Lily Karheck, Lisa Kato, Madison Martin, Alexis Moore, Kim Payne, Shaunnaci Sanborn, Trinity Taylor, Raegan Yarbrough


Happy People - Emma Colby, Emma Caldwell, Leah Deuso, Soraya Glidden, Cathy Hubble, Emily Huckins, Paige Fischer, Sophia Jean, Alexis Moore, Emily Moulton, Kim Payne, Shaunnaci Sanborn, Michelle Sharp, Naomi Wade, Christa Walker, Raegan Yarbrough


Bishop - Paul Hoiriis

Bunny - Iliana Pike

Grumpy - Calvin Colby