Room 310B and 312

Welcome to the classroom page for Mr. White, art and technology education teacher, at Newfound Regional High School. 
The purpose of this page is to inform parents of what their child is learning and
doing in their respective classes.   Please use the links on the left to find out specifics for each
of the classes that I teach plus some additional information on the teacher.  Thank you for taking an interest
 in your child's education.

NASD K-12 Art Competencies                  
    Generate, conceptualize, organize & refine artistic work.
   Analyze, interpret, develop, refine & convey meaning of artistic work.
   Perceive, analyze, interpret & apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.
   Synthesize personal experiences & relate societal, cultural & historical context to deepen understanding through art.

NRHS Technology Education Competencies

District Wide Technology Education Competencies

Based on the NH Technology/Engineering Education Curriculum Guide and TSA National Engineering Standards

1.  Safety and Ethics: Students will understand that the study and implementation of technological solutions requires the safe, ethical, and efficient application of human and material resources, multi-disciplinary processes, and systems.

2.  Interconnections: Students will recognize that relationships exist amongst technologies, other fields of study, the individual, societies, and the environment.

3.  Planning and Experiences: Students will experience solving problems with technological solutions requiring the use of technical information, collaborative and individual contribution, and the application of the Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve).

4.  Critical Thinking and Expression: Students will understand that they must develop the ability to question, investigate, experiment, evaluate, interpret, and effectively express technological information; habits of mind necessary to a critical thinker and lifelong learner.