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Newfound Regional High School's redesign is founded upon a Distributed Leadership model, whereby leaders from every contingent of the community have a role to play in the success of the transformation.

  • Student leadership is being cultivated through their ownership in their learning.
  • Students are partnering with their teachers to evaluate the results of their formative assessments and create goals for the learning targets that they need to meet to reach proficiency in their competencies.
  • Students are the main conduit to helping their parents understand the competency-based system, and how it differs from the traditional system.
  • The monthly "Student Voices" forum is a valuable bellwether to gauge the success of the change effort.
  • Teachers are taking the lead in creating learner-centered, competency-based classrooms. 
  • All NRHS teachers have developed competencies and performance tasks for all of their courses, and are currently creating performance assessments to align with them.
  • Teachers are becoming experts in competency-based instruction and assessment, and sharing their expertise with one another.
  • The NRHS Leadership Council is taking the lead to ensure rigor, consistency, and high standards in each subject area.
  • An inter-disciplinary team of teachers has been formed to focus on the Change Leadership process. They will be meeting this summer with other New England NETWORK teachers to develop authentic assessments and common scoring rubrics.
  • The School Redesign Coordinator is a member of the NRHS faculty.


  • Principal Michael O'Malley leads our redesign through his facilitative leadership and his stewardship of the NRHS mission and vision.
  • Superintendent Marie Ross is a vocal supporter of our High School redesign, and works to ensure its success wherever she can. The Newfound Area School District mission is directly aligned with the Newfound Regional High School mission.
  • The Newfound Area School Board is a constant partner in our redesign, and has given its endorsement at every stage of the process.
  • The NRHS guidance department is dedicated to the redesign goal of a successful personalized education for every student, and takes the lead in ensuring that each individual chooses the appropriate pathway to success.
Parents and Community
  • We communicate the vision of our redesign to parents through the principal's newsletter and on this website, as well as at our annual Open House and parent–teacher conferences. Parents and community members have a key role to play in building a district-wide understanding of the key aspects of 21st-century education.