This page provides an opportunity for staff and parents to inquire about student disabilities and how the disability may affect them in the classroom.  Information provided on inquiries may include modifications and strategies that can be applied to help these students be successful and specific challenges that may interfere with success.  

Inquiries should be for a general disability on this site.  If you have a student-specific question, please contact their case manager directly for assistance.

Dealing with Aggressive Behavior

posted Jul 31, 2014, 4:04 PM by

Q:   How do you deal with a student that exhibits aggressive behavior in the classroom?

A:   Establish rules and stick to them. Be consistent with what you say. Changing your mind or making an exception can often urge aggressive students to push at the rules even further. When creating and implementing consequences, be sure to make them fair. If you threaten to enact a consequence, make sure to carry it out. Empty threats let angry students know that they can get away with class disruption.

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