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Newfound Regional High School’s Student Council


  1. Purpose

We, the members of the NRHS Student Council, state our purpose to be to improve the school environment by representing our students as a voice to the faculty and administration, by creating the opportunity for more involvement in the school and in the community, and by promoting school spirit.

  1. Organization

    1. Meetings are run by parliamentary procedure.

    2. A majority of the total members (quorum) is necessary to begin the meeting.

    3. To amend the constitution, a special committee is called by the Executive Board.

      1. The committee’s recommendations are presented at a regular meeting.

      2. A two-thirds (2/3) vote is necessary for amendments to pass.

  1. Membership

    1. Each class may elect two (2) Student Council representatives.

    2. The vice-president of each class is a member of the Student Council.

    3. The student member of the school board is a member of the Student Council.

    4. Students may request to become members-at-large of the Council

      1. Membership drives will be held in the spring and fall.

    5. All members must assent to the terms of the membership contract by completing and returning the contract to the Executive Board. Members failing to follow the rules and guidelines agreed upon within the contract may be removed from the Council by the Executive Board.

  1. Attendance at meetings

    1. Members may not have more than five (5) absences per academic year.

      1. If a member misses four (4) meetings and wishes to remain on the Council, s/he must come before the Executive Board and advisors.

      2. If a member misses four (4) meetings and does not appear before the board and advisors, s/he will be dismissed from the Council.

      3. If after a meeting with the Executive Board, a member misses two (2) more meetings, s/he will be dismissed from the Council unless the Executive Board determines there to be extenuating circumstances.

      4. Missing one (1) subcommittee meeting counts as one-half of a business meeting absence.

      5. A member is counted absent if s/he arrives to a business/committee meeting more than half way through the designated time allotted for that meeting.

  1. Committees

      1. Committees may be formed whenever necessary to work on a project. These include Winter Carnival, Spring Fling, spirit, service, fund-raising, and any others deemed necessary.

      2. The chairperson(s) will be nominated by members of the Council and approved by a majority vote.

      3. It is required that every member of the Council be a member of a committee.

      4. It is the job of the chair to decide on the necessity of a meeting.

  1. Officers

    1. Election of officers requires that nominations be made by Council members and nominees give speeches.

    2. President’s duties

      1. Run all regular Council meetings

      2. Attend all Executive Board meetings

      3. Work to plan meeting agendas

      4. Guide committee work

      5. Write a monthly report for the school board

    3. Vice-president’s duties

      1. Carry out duties of President if the President is not present

      2. Attend all Executive Board meetings

      3. Assume position of President in case of resignation or impeachment

      4. Maintain records of committee attendance

      5. Assist committee chairpersons

    4. Secretary’s duties

      1. Attend all Executive Board meetings

      2. Take and prepare minutes of regular meetings

      3. Take attendance at regular meetings

      4. Maintain Student Council’s bulletin board including the posting of weekly agenda and minutes

    5. Treasurer’s duties

      1. Attend all Executive Board meetings

      2. Take care of Council’s finances

      3. Give treasurer’s report at all regular meetings

      4. Serve as the fundraising chairperson

    6. If an officer fails to perform his/her duties in a responsible manner, they may be impeached. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Council is required to impeach an officer.

  1. Advisor’s Role

    1. Attend Student Council meetings to supervise, not to dictate.

    2. Advise Executive Board

    3. Have final decision on all matters pertaining to the Council under the advice of the principal

Amendment I

The position of Historian is an Officer position, and as such, the Historian is subject to all of Article six (6), subsections one (1) and six (6) of the Newfound Regional High School’s Student Council Constitution. The duties of the Historian are as follows:

  1. Attend all Executive Board meetings

  2. Keep records from past years for reference

  3. Take and/or collect pictures, memorabilia, comments, and suggestions from all Student Council sponsored events

  4. Know all requirements to become an honor council

  5. Oversee all actions concerning the completion of the Honor Council Application

  6. Coordinate the evaluation of Student Council activities