Grading Practices


We believe that all students can learn. This requires that students have more than one chance to show adequate performance (passing). Our grading policies reflect this belief. They underscore the need for every student to master essential understandings we now call competencies.


1.             Summative assessments together represent 75% or more of a class term grade. Formative assessments together represent 25% or less of the term grade.  The allocation of points within these two categories will be based on teacher’s professional discretion.  Formative assessment grades will not be based on compliance, but will reflect accurate feedback on student performance. 

2.             Even when prepared, students may occasionally perform much lower than their usual pattern of achievement.  When such circumstances occur and elements that impinge on learning can be identified and corrected, reassessment is appropriate.  Showing evidence of achieving the learning standard is paramount.  Conditions for redoing summative assessments for credit will be determined by the teacher consistent with guidelines provided by school administration.

3.             Missing assessments or work completed via dishonest techniques will result in a zero. 

4.             A student’s earned summative assessment grade will be the one recorded for grading purposes. 

5.             Soft skills (e.g. classroom preparedness, time management, organization, initiative, and positive collaboration) may be mathematically incorporated into the academic grade, provided they are identified course standards and/or competencies.  Extra credit is not allowed (extra opportunity is built into the redo practice).

6.             A half-year course will have a final evaluation worth 20% of the total course grade.  A full-year course will have both a mid-year and final evaluation, both counting for 10% of the corresponding semester’s grade.  Mid-year and final evaluations are ineligible for reassessment. 


All marks are reported as letter grades on report cards, progress reports, and transcripts. Grade point averages are calculated on a four–point scale. Advanced Placement courses are weighted at 1.05. Beginning with the Class of 2021, grades are weighted for Honors Classes (1.05), Running Start (1.1), and Advanced Placement (1.2).  

The NRHS Report Card