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English Research Project Resources

Antebellum South Primary Sources:
   Great information under "African American History" and "Culture, Folklife" (see subtopics "slave narratives" and "southern US").
   Browse by collection or conduct a subject search
   Historical Maps

Arthurian Legend:
    Browse through the Characters section (great information!), or scroll down and explore the "Scholarly Arthurian Resources" link.
    *See LMC Staff for GVRL password.  When accessing these encyclopedias your window will open to a table of contents for the first volume.  On the left hand side, you can enter the name of your character into the search box.  Be sure to select "all volumes" for the best results*

Literary Criticism:
  (do not just type in the name of your book in the search box at top of the Internet Public Library page.  Instead, choose a link from    
  the list on the page.  The first link under "best starting places" is to the IPL Lit Crit page.  The other links are to outside sources
  you may want to try as well.)
Gale Virtual Reference Library (large selection of reference e-books.  You can either click "Literature" in the left margin and browse 
  the tables of contents for the different e-books, or enter the name of the book you are researching--in quotes--in the search box
  at top right.)
EBSCO (Choose "All EBSCO Resources" so that you can search Master File Premier.  You can also
  choose "Advanced Search" to select "full Text" or "Peer Reviewed" for scholarly publications.)
For Web Searches: Sweet Search and Google Scholar are recommended.