Bristol Elementary School

Program Description:
At Project Promise at Bristol Elementary School, your child will be offered a variety of enriching academic and recreational opportunities. Students are given one hour of homework support and assistance with certified teachers. Upon finishing their homework, children begin their enrichment clubs. Some examples of the fabulous clubs offered at BES Project Promise are Weird Science, Cooking, S.T.E.M learning activities, and Origami. The schedule of clubs changes every 7 weeks, providing students with a wide array of engaging experiences. 

We strive to meet the curiosity of a diverse community of students by allowing them to participate in inquiry-based learning and service projects. We view our students as contributing and valuable members of our school community and community as a whole. 

Program Schedule (Monday-Friday):
2:30-2:45 - Snack and Attendance
2:45-3:10 - Recess
3:10-4:00 - Silent Reading & Homework
4:00-5:15 - Enrichment Clubs
5:15-5:30 - Cool Down and Clean Up

Pam Pringle, Site Coordinator
Bristol Elementary School
55 School Street
Bristol, NH 03222
phone: 603-744-2761