Newfound Memorial Middle School

Program Description:
~~Newfound Memorial Middle School offers Project Promise after school to every student. We offer each student the opportunity to get assistance on homework and to partake in a variety of clubs that change monthly. Project Promise at NMMS provides a safe after-school learning environment where students can grow academically and socially. Our program aims to offer a variety of experiences to students through clubs that are geared toward their interests and give participants the chance to come out of their comfort zone and experience new things while making new friends. After-school programming is offered Monday-Friday 2:45 pm-5:30 pm with a late bus offered as transportation home.

~~The variety of clubs offered to students changes every month. Some clubs we offer include global cooking club, weird science, arts and crafts, Jeopardy, hallway games, and card games. These clubs give students the opportunity to further their literacy and math skills as well as become physically active. The cooking club gives students a chance to take a leadership role in the kitchen and experience new dishes from around the world. On a daily basis, homework club is mandatory. When students do not have homework, we encourage them to read quietly or enhance their math skills through Khan Academy. Project Promise’s objective is to create clubs that students want, but also to offer a wide assortment of activities, so that we satisfy their need for recreational, creative, and academic enrichment.

Program Schedule:

2:45-3:00- Snack and Social time
3:00-4:00- Homework Club, Silent Read, Journaling
4:15-5:15- Enrichment Clubs
5:15-5:30- Clean-up and Cooldown
5:10- Late bus pick up
TBD, Site Coordinator
Newfound Memorial Middle School
155 North Main Street
Bristol, NH 03222
phone: 603.744.8162