Newfound Regional High School

The Project Promise program at Newfound Regional High School is free and open to all high school students.  Not only do we offer the students a variety of club options, but we also provide them with a productive environment that can enhance both their social and academic experiences. Our goal is to create a safe place that fosters youth voice and excitement among our participants. We also seek to help our students transition from high school to beyond graduation, and to give students opportunities to be leaders and mentors. We work to maintain this positive atmosphere by providing engaging activities that promote positive self-growth in our students. 

After-school programming is offered Monday through Thursday from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Some clubs we currently offer are:  Homework Club, Art Club, Accapella, Outdoor Club, Asian Culture Club, Cooking Club, Fitness Club and Cooperative Gaming Club.  We also offer ski and snowboard club. Our goal is not only to create clubs that students want, but also to offer a wide assortment of activities so that we satisfy their need for recreational, creative, and academic enrichment.

Program Highlights

Project Promise is proud of its community involvement with such events as  sponsorship of the Lights On Celebration, which is held at Kelley Park!  Lights On will be on October 26th and many high school student volunteers are needed for this event!  Last year we had 22, this year our goal is 25 student volunteers.

Contact Information:

Peter Dumont, Site Coordinator 

Newfound Regional High School 
150 Newfound Road 
Bristol, NH 03222
Phone: 603 744-6006 ext.1202